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Linux version gives me a solid purple screen

Yep, the linux version seems broken

just hard to download on almost every computer

i love this game and its hilarious once you figure it out!

no way to ghost  leave house and books are cant still

I played the game quite some time ago and returned to see that people are still pretty excited about it.

Didn't knew it was made by Cozy Game Pals again, but you guys rock! This game is hillarious and it looks good. Since its a free beta, i am still waiting for the full version. Ending was surprisingly warm and sadly cute. God bless that fish!


this was unexpectidly charming i love this so much music was actaully quite soothing as well


I thought this game would be scary but it was actually really funny and interesting to play I also like the story that was told

Lol i thought it would be a really scary horror game but it was actually funny and sweet XD

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I had no idea what this game was about and I was pleasantly surprised.
The King of Horror approves!


Gosh darnit now I want a whole game about living with a ghost roommate 

I went into this not knowing what to expect, and I found a lovely little spooky story. Good job.

i put off playing this game for the longest time, but im glad i finally played :) this was super cute, and an easy quickplay

This game was pretty fun! I did a video recently where I played a bunch of short horror games. I wasn't expecting the end. It was kind of sweet!


I was expecting jumpscares, so the ending surprised me! 

this game was very weird in a good in my opinion I expect some type of horror but then at the end I ended up sad and satisfied you can check out my true feedback in my video of it

This Game... Theres not too much i can say about it other than it ended up being pretty fun to play - Nice and Short, just how i like my games. Nothing Chased me, or made me cry from fear, Only sadness....

Like most other people, I made a video! It's my first one after having to take some time away, and this game was an excellent way back into the fold! Thank you for making it!

I had a lot of fun playing this

I was not expecting that to make me cry

This was delightful! Didn't know what to expect from this game, but I was pleasantly surprised! Here's my playthrough:

i cryd

Well... Your game made my cry, here's the evidence!

Thank you for making this game, I loved it!

You left it with a lot of potential for a 30 min playtrough. Instead it was not really challenging but to be honest, the plot worked and I was waiting for the horror until the end. Thx for that little thing!


What a nice little game! It was spooky, it was sad, it was funny and it was charming. I really enjoyed myself. The game is a little short, but there’s nothing wrong with that.👍🏻


i just have a purple screen... I'm on linux


This is a great game. I wasn't expecting that ending. im looking foeard to the full game when it is finished. Here is a video i made on the game.

I really like narrative experiences in short indie games! This captures the experience of asking random questions on the internet, the bizarre culture on sites like Yahoo! Answers, and pairs it with a fun story about moving into a place haunted by a ghost. The experience of trying to move into a new place and just not knowing how to cope with doing everything is kinda relatable too. The sense of humor with the answers and the twist at the end makes this game lighthearted and was a pleasure to play. Good job!

This was fun, but short. Good job


Nice little game. Honestly thought it was a horror game at first but obviously, the plot twist got me. Feel free to check out my video on it 


hilarious game. short and wacky. I thought it was gonna be a little spookier...but it was still fun regardless.

starts at 5:05

This game is hysterical. I love the simplicity of it and the ending was comedic for sure. I used this in a recent "3 Scary Games" video i did so hopefully i did your game justice =) 

here is my game play 


Funny ending but a little short

Deleted post

This is one of the best games out there! Great story, Cool gameplay! 10/10


The sensitivity was really high! I wasn't able to play cause of it.


I like the art style of this game wish there were more


This is amazing, me and my friends were looking for something to play and were pleasantly surprised to find something like this, thanks man!

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