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We are updating and adding more to I'm Still Here!
The free beta on Itch will stay the same, but the Cozy Pitch Pack version will be released on Steam and has some additions, improvements, and bug fixes. Most importantly, this is your way of showing us you want a sequel. If you like this game and want to show your support, here is your chance.

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You've just moved into your new apartment but something spooky is going on! Thankfully you've got the internet to help you. Search Wahoo! Answers on your laptop to figure out what's going on and maybe you can be happy in your new place.
I'm Still Here is available for free on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

This is an early preview of our horror game, I'm still here.
Development Diary 01 - https://youtu.be/nm_GQbBhtWM
Development Diary 02 - https://youtu.be/YG-tsmpRKLk

We are a duo of experienced creatives. Bryan is the coder, he has worked on Journey, The Last of Us, and Uncharted 4. Crista is the is the artist, she has worked at Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, FOX, and Warner Bros. We are working together as Cozy Game Pals to add variety to the types of games out there in the world.


I'm Still Here (Windows) 55 MB
I'm Still Here (Mac) 58 MB
I'm Still Here (Linux) 74 MB

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This was absolutely brilliant!
It's so hard coming across good horror comedy, but you did it beautifully. Love the writing.

I had fun playing this game....did not expect what exactly what this game would turn out to be but I loved it!!

check out my gameplay below:

I cannot figure out how to get the game still. Mind you of you tell me?

11/10 can't wait for full relase!

Enjoy my gameplay and commentary I'm Still Here

R.I.P lil buddy


Really liked the game. Very sweet and sad.

Wow! really enjoyable game! had a lot of fun while playing it! keep it up! 

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Where is webgl version in my browser?

I cri, great game.


Very silly game. I really liked the idea for this one.


lol i love the humor to this


I really enjoyed playing this game

...almost cried :p

Heres the gameplay...subscribe if u like it

I really enjoyed playing this game

...almost cried :p

Heres the gameplay...subscribe if u like it

I really enjoyed playing this game

...almost cried :p

Heres the gameplay...subscribe if u like it

I really enjoyed playing this game

...almost cried :p

Heres the gameplay...subscribe if u like it

(1 edit)

Just realized after seeing this pop up, that we did a video on it... Can't believe we forgot to include a comment about it :O  We loved the game!!  Just reading that you guys are looking at adding to it, perhaps we should revisit it :) 

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I played this game for my YouTube channel! It was so unexpected, seriously. Great work.


worst game thought it was gonna be like Welcome to the game. Love the way the game was made but had a terrible plot

this was really fun and cute! i loved the extra search answers. the motion blur while looking around made me a liiittle bit queasy but other than that it's perfect

OMG I loved this. I was so scared, I had my eyes closed and everything and then I just had to laugh at myself. 

This game really messed with my emotions... Good Job? haha 

I had so much fun playing this game !
Good job 👏👏

here's my gameplay ! it's the third game ! skip to 13:43 if you want to watch it :)


this game was fun first i thought it was going to be full of jumpscares 

but just about a fish (how cool)

Quite fun! I didn't really like the blurry effect as you moved around, but apart from that it was great!

Glad you liked the game though! Thanks for playing! <3

Heavy stuff, maaan!

haha  <3

it good

I really enjoyed playing this game! I thought it was nice, short, and sweet. That ending though got me for sure haha. The music was great too! The Wahoo! Answers questions was funny too.

Aww, we're glad you liked so many things about the game! Thank you for playing! <3

You're so welcome! Updates to the game too? Can't wait to see what's in store! :D

Yeah we're really excited for the update! Hopefully we're mixing it up enough so it's worth a fresh play through. 


i keep moving right when im not supposed to

idk if i'm dumb but i can't find the settings and the sensibility is wack

This game was silly, cute, and overall solid. It was such a relaxing game that brought a genuine smile to my face. Thank both of you  for putting this together, you pulled at my heart strings and won yourselves a fan! 

Clever game! Had me guessing from start to finish! That ending tho! Brilliant! 

This was excellent. The ending surprised me and I guess I can't really say anything else about that. Great job!

I loved the whole wahoo answers thing too. Kind of a neat way to find info in a game and entertaining.

I had no idea what I was getting into... would stumble into a great game again 10/10

A very short but very well made game! 


beautiful game thank you for this


so heart warming 

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