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R.I.P. my little pal... never forget ;-;... But this was really short but heartwarming, thanks for the nice play! ^-^

Aww, thank you! We're glad you liked it <3

This game was hilarious and I couldn't stop laughing.

Haha, thank you for playing! Sounds like you had fun ;P

I seem to have an issue on Linux (Linux Mint 18.2) where the game loads as a pinkish purple screen with no graphics, only audio.

Oh no! D: 
Unfortunately we don't have a great way of testing on Linux Mint.
So sorry you don't have a chance to play our game :(

Linux Mint is a derivative of Ubuntu, so if it works on Ubuntu 16.04 it should work on Linux Mint 18. I have noticed a lot of problems with my system, though, so I'm hoping that when I do a fresh install it will resolve the issues I currently face and I can play the games that currently bug out.

It was very sad story. I'm crying :(

Good job dude!

Awww, thanks! haha. We're so happy you liked it :)

I enjoyed it very much! I loved it was short and sweet!

This game was a great experience.  However, I do wish it was a bit longer.  The game was a little sad.

That was really fun actually! Just wish it was longer

thois sucks ass plz kill destiny

I really wish this game was longer.How about the past families and their pets all haunting you?

Hello, played this game on our channel. It was great experience, little sad tho :)

This was so hilarious and light-hearted. You should keep making these!

mamadou idehf

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I enjoyed. It 's a good game.

Really cutesy style to a game, I genuinely enjoyed playing it and had tons of fun helping my new friend move on.

HAHAHAHA this game is so short and so cute i love it. By the way, when messing about I found i could drop books in the bedroom and they stuck to the wall during the "activity" which was funny. but if i did it in the bathroom they actually glitched through to the kitchen and went back to the area of the "activity". didn't ruin the experience or anything but I thought you should know.

i enjoyed this game and was a bit fishy when i started
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3D TV VR box google cardboard stereoscopic 3d side by side sbs

Guess I need to smash my laptop now. :)

just getting the game now for a video


Fun little game! I enjoyed this!!

I had a feeling about the ending even though  kind of obvious was super funny.

The only thing i'm confused on is it mentions about the bathroom lights but, I don't believe you can interact with them?


I loved this game so much.


Hi, I've recently played the game and I was wondering if there were multiple endings or other things that you could do apart from the main story line? :)


Nope, but we would have loved to do more endings if we had more time.
Thanks for playing our game! <3


Ok, still an amazing game! :)

This was very entertaining! Very short but very entertaining! :D
Play it and have yourself a laugh!

Stay Rad Everybody!!

This game had me dying the whole way through! Seriously check it out.

Really Short but really cool with a funny twist 10/10 would search WAHOO again

... beautiful. Just beautiful. It honestly almost brought me to tears.

Great game! I just wish it was a little longer... is there a part 2?

Haha, thanks! ❤️

There's no Part 2. We're still trying to figure out what to work on next!

I had really nice time playing this small story :)

Cool game, lovely story guys, good job !!!

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Awesome game. I like the filter that makes it look a bit like an old TV. Very atmospheric. :) Unfortunately the ending was spoiled slightly by reading the comments. XD I'll make a mental note for next time. 


This was a fun and silly little slice of spoop. Good job.

Could've used more cat pictures though.

The trailer alone makes this game worth downloading XD

That was great! 

This game was a lot of fun!

This game was so much fun! It was very creative and well thought out, and had me laughing outloud multiple times! Thank you for creating such a funny game! I did make a gameplay video for it on my small channel and if I'd really appreicate it if you had the time to check it out (Though I see a lot of videos here already haha.) 

this was so cute and nice! very good job. I love those games!

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