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For me, I didn't like it, mainly because I wanted it to be like a dead person who maybe committed suicide, and they couldn't rest because they committed suicide because their kid went missing. And the only way to free the spirit is to find it's kid and to reunite them and let the spirit talk to his daughter. I feel like that would've been better, and if you could actually type questions instead of having to click on paragraphs.

this ending was sad af

A funny game with unexpected ending. 


I will always remember the little buddy... F

cant start the game, only blank purple screen, while some music played in background, there is no main menu

ubuntu 20.04 with dual amd gpu

Me too.


ending was sad

Thank you for this I really enjoyed it! Perfect mix of horror and humor. Please make more! In my video your game is first. Thanks again Cozy Game Pals!

Reminds me of every apartment I've ever got. LOL Fun game :)


See our full review here; (#15)


Seems cute but I couldn't progress in the game past where I am supposed to hit the light switch, because I just couldn't get the prompt to pop up for longer than a second :(

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The game was kinda fun.

So here is my playthrough of three weird but funny games.

1.Siren Head Dating Simulator :

2.Pet the Pup at the Party :

3.I'm still Here


such a fun game omg light hearted and funny wish it was longer tho :

did you stop working on this project?

Thank you for the great game. I uploaded my play-through in Japanese! Dude, I was so scared to find the dead body.死体探しとても怖かったです!ありがとうございました!

Here's my play-through of the game. I was not expecting that ending. Nice game tho 

Why is every comment a youtuber trying to get followers?

To be fair, it's very hard trying to get a start as a youtuber. It's really annoying to see people grasping for attention but if you were trying to get followers you'd probably consider doing it too, I know I have, lmao.


This is the third game I played! It was very fun. I wish I would've done more questions

This game is such a fun experience, subverted my expectations to say the least and the humor was right up my alley. I would definitely say that this game added variety to what I normally play and I thank you for that! 10/10

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-Made a Video. (Year Ago)

I had a fun time playing this, keep it up!!! loved the humor in in!

Im Still Here

Created by Jaboblu

Fun little short Horror game I really like the style of it.

very much liked playing this game!

ending made me sad and happy at the same time :D

Very cool game. Short but it will make you feel good.  Here's the video!

I Really Enjoyed the game RIP Fishy But here's my YT video I posted on it Enjoy

Very strange game but I like it, keep up the good work!

Also check out my gameplay I did.

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this was a really fun experience! i got so distracted by trying to place the books nice and neatly from big to small and when the books all freaked out it actually kind of spooked me lol. i was definitely expecting a jump scare while looking around the house and the little dead fishy made me laugh since i definitely wasn't expecting that.

its a really fun quick game, the mechanics are the usual and very easy to understand and its all around just really pleasing to play :) thanks for sharing it and i cant wait for the full thing!


Hey! My daughter and I were looking for a game that we both could enjoy, and we found it with I'm Still Here! We had a blast throwing the books around the room!

I love the design and the gameplay mechanics! Also, we found the ghost on the first try! We hope that Mr. Goldfish is happy in the afterlife! Thank you for making this game and sharing it with us! 

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Great game it was very funny! Please check out my channel!

Oh what an ending, very very sad :(

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really funny game "not scary" i thought it will be scary, literary a fish lol. here is a video about it  You can watch it

When's the release date of the full game? 

Best game of the month

10/10 Best game here on

I loved the final! lol This is my Italian gameplay 🐠 

This game made my day.

this is the best game every

NO One but Yahoo answers has all the answers in this game!

Guys one of the best funny/spooky games I’ve played in a long time! Good job! I’ve played this game back in 2017 and you can check out my gameplay if you want!

The best game that I have played yet

Enjoyed going through this!

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