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The internet: a solution to all of your problems XD 


this game made me know that people loves to miss the people they meets even as small as a fish and this game also has pure values such as kindness and helpfulness. I like this game.

Such a wholesome game. I really enjoyed the humor! I included this game as part of my 3 scary games video.

This game made me cry. 

like actually.

A lil spoiler but aww man, poor fish

Since I nuked the original video I made on this game I decided to revisit. It is still a pretty good game, and it is still funny towards that ending.

This game took me by surprise. Even though it isn't a horror, I really enjoyed it and thought it should be in my 3 scary games nonetheless (played at 15:14).

Check out my video.

thought I would play a horror game....well was still not disappointed! Very cute game. I even said "aaaw poor bby" in the end.

I like this game, very cute and funny.

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this mislead me I thought this was a horror game  I still Love it

this was under horror


Ahhh yes, when you are haunted, when your books become animate, when you hear voices in your head


This was such a cute little game!

I've never (kind of) done an exorcism, and especially not on the advice of the internet before 😂

This was sweet, the ghost not so much 😁

I thought this was a scary game at first but it end up being pretty funny. Trying to grow my channel so any support is much appreciated <--

I hope theres more to come to this game.


Kinda cute... honestly too much hype for this

I loved your game coming in thinking it's gonna be another short horror, when I finished I almost started to cry saying good-by. well done

At first, my autophobia (fear of being alone) was going insane, but then I got a bit more confident and it turned out to be a funny, yet still terrifying experience! 10/10

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hi! i have this weird glitch where wheni have searched how to get rid of ghosts and i want to go to the light switch my game glitches and i am stuck on controls and being on the pc at the same time. My screen shakes and its like i'm being pulled back when I try to walk away, I've reïnstalled the game several times but it won't stop :(( btw im on windows

I'm quite late with playing this game so I hope this isnt too much of a problem :/

I was expecting a horror game that would make me pee myself... I ended up with an entertaining, funny, and emotional 5 minute game that made me pee myself anyways. 100/10. Would recommend!


damn,I didnt expect that ending tho

loved it

sad game.. made a vid and as you cant tell by the thumbnail almost cried but its really good lol

Had a lot of fun playing this game, laughed a lot and love the twist!

Help me get to 100 subs guys!!

Very quirky game that initally catches you off. It gets funny during the game and wholesome towards the end

This should not be in horror but it was a very wtf funny game.

Played this game in my new "Solo Sundays" series

Such a cute and wholesome game. Loved partying with em XD


this was a very wholesome game, loved it!

you are so creative


Hey dude I really liked the game, the atmosphere and graphics are great, I laugh a lot with the story

Keep it up 

Gameplay PT-BR


Omg why did i just start laughing and then start crying then laugh again because of that turd i left in the toilet... I though i was going to play a horror game.


Lots of unexpected things but overall I enjoyed it!.

i played two games in this video but this game is the first in the video.

Unexpected but fun.

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Cute game :) Had fun playing and recording it.

Wow! What a superb and humorous game! The dialogue is ace, the imagery beautiful and the audio is superb! I loved every second of this, and I certainly wasn’t expecting the twist at the end! Genius! The concept behind this is great, and I’ve not played anything like it before. Absolutely fab! I thought I’d include your game as part of my compilation video. Yours is the second one. 

This game is well made and my fiancé and I love it ! Cant wait to see what else you make! Game here: 

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