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This was excellent. The ending surprised me and I guess I can't really say anything else about that. Great job!

I loved the whole wahoo answers thing too. Kind of a neat way to find info in a game and entertaining.

I had no idea what I was getting into... would stumble into a great game again 10/10

A very short but very well made game! 


beautiful game thank you for this


so heart warming 

RIP the fish I almost cried man jkjk

Nice game :) i reached the end rip the ghost

why cant i download on a Toshiba laptop? it says "failed-forbidden" 

Gave it a go...


The most creepy thing is that this guy is using Yahoo (wahoo)

Good job! I had a great time.

I didn't expect that, but I loved it.

Omg I loved this. I was expecting something scary but this just made my heart melt.

Keep making amazing games!!!



Played your game for a halloween indie romp, but it turned out to be too cute XD

Your game starts at 6:30

amazing game and nice graphics

Its Sad... :c

Funny short game! :) Check out my new channel!

This game is amazing. Really fun to play and to explore the non spooky side to ghosts. All they want to do is live in the afterlife in peace. It was really upsetting at the end (I won't spoil the ending for those who have not played it) but I do recommned that people give this a try. Your game is third in the video. 

Man, this game was pretty heavy. 10/10.

Fun short game!
Liked how you need to 'Google' your problems away, pretty original.

Awesome game and a great start to my Spooktober festivities!  Keep up the good work.  Overall entertaining and very spoopy indeed!

I'm really sad! I can't play the loads it works but..when I try to go on the computer I can't do anything because my enter is broken but I have another one on my keyboard but that enter won't work...I was really looking forward to playing this.

I know how hard it is i have same issue with left and right CTRL button. I't really sucks.

I had a blast playing this. You manage to make it feel mysterious and hilarious at the same time. To combine horror with modern technoligy mix with comedy is brilliant. 

Hope you guys keep up this development and keep on developing more games for the future. 

This is by far the strangest, and cutest, horror game ever.

it says it has no manifest can someone please help?

nice little game here! 

lol i thought there was a different ending actually so i kinda explored a bit XD

love the game but did felt short!

I played it it was very short and very sad I had a pet once hate not being able to see him anymore but loved the game devs good job

I really like the game it was interesting and funny!

this game is awesome...

Please make more story in the next update!!

Cute! A light-hearted game similar to The Game!

I loved this game! The art style is so cute, and the humor was perfect! I can't wait to check out the rest of your games!

please give me the last song its really sad! 

that was so cute!!!! i really enjoyed this :)

Really liked this game, I had issues with the circles but that was probably me.

Amazing game, we will always remember you little buddy <3

I loved it comedy and horror makes a great mix and this was done right an excellent short horror game

Yay, we're glad you liked it. thanks for playing! 

Haha, this was pretty funny. Especially enjoyed the conversation with the ghost! 


haha, we're glad you like it!

Yeah, do you guys plan on making any sort of horror games in the future? 


Maybe! We really like spooky stuff, so it's always a possibility.

The next game we are working on is not horror, so it might be a while.

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