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I enjoyed it very much! I loved it was short and sweet!

This game was a great experience.  However, I do wish it was a bit longer.  The game was a little sad.

That was really fun actually! Just wish it was longer

thois sucks ass plz kill destiny

I really wish this game was longer.How about the past families and their pets all haunting you?

Hello, played this game on our channel. It was great experience, little sad tho :)

This was so hilarious and light-hearted. You should keep making these!

mamadou idehf

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I enjoyed. It 's a good game.

Really cutesy style to a game, I genuinely enjoyed playing it and had tons of fun helping my new friend move on.

HAHAHAHA this game is so short and so cute i love it. By the way, when messing about I found i could drop books in the bedroom and they stuck to the wall during the "activity" which was funny. but if i did it in the bathroom they actually glitched through to the kitchen and went back to the area of the "activity". didn't ruin the experience or anything but I thought you should know.

i enjoyed this game and was a bit fishy when i started
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3D TV VR box google cardboard stereoscopic 3d side by side sbs

Guess I need to smash my laptop now. :)

just getting the game now for a video


Fun little game! I enjoyed this!!

I had a feeling about the ending even though  kind of obvious was super funny.

The only thing i'm confused on is it mentions about the bathroom lights but, I don't believe you can interact with them?


I loved this game so much.


Hi, I've recently played the game and I was wondering if there were multiple endings or other things that you could do apart from the main story line? :)


Nope, but we would have loved to do more endings if we had more time.
Thanks for playing our game! <3


Ok, still an amazing game! :)

This was very entertaining! Very short but very entertaining! :D
Play it and have yourself a laugh!

Stay Rad Everybody!!

This game had me dying the whole way through! Seriously check it out.

Really Short but really cool with a funny twist 10/10 would search WAHOO again

... beautiful. Just beautiful. It honestly almost brought me to tears.

Great game! I just wish it was a little longer... is there a part 2?

Haha, thanks! ❤️

There's no Part 2. We're still trying to figure out what to work on next!

I had really nice time playing this small story :)

Cool game, lovely story guys, good job !!!

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Awesome game. I like the filter that makes it look a bit like an old TV. Very atmospheric. :) Unfortunately the ending was spoiled slightly by reading the comments. XD I'll make a mental note for next time. 


This was a fun and silly little slice of spoop. Good job.

Could've used more cat pictures though.

The trailer alone makes this game worth downloading XD

That was great! 

This game was so much fun! It was very creative and well thought out, and had me laughing outloud multiple times! Thank you for creating such a funny game! I did make a gameplay video for it on my small channel and if I'd really appreicate it if you had the time to check it out (Though I see a lot of videos here already haha.) 

this was so cute and nice! very good job. I love those games!

The laptop's browser history was a cool function but putting the books on the shelf was a bit tedious.  Cute game if very brief.  Are you planning on expanding on it or making another game with the browser history function?

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Pretty neat. Try other search results when you are done.

I played this a while back but just wanted to share this here! Thanks for creating such an awesome fun game!!!!! The game even scared me a lot! XD

So good! Definitely not what I expected!

Definitely an interesting game from beginning to end! I love the incorporation of the internet to find "suitable" answers for the character's problems. Some answers were just hilarious!! It's funny how it started off spooky, but then ended on a funnier/emotional note!!

I honestly thought this was going to be a horror game but to my surprise it wasn't but! i really enjoyed the game Here is a link to the video that i made for this game hope you enjoy!

This was not what I was expecting when GravyDog had me play this! Super cute after you get over the creep factor in the beginning. We even made a video of it! 

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