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Played this game for my first gaming video (second half of the video), totally was not expecting that ending.

Super cute, loved it!

Great game, loved it.

I loved playing this game it's so adorable and I love the ending! 

This game has 100w5202342 playthroughs already.

But LUMPS PLAYS has pop-up style commentary! Pretty sure that's a first for it! :D

Everything I have to say about this game quality-wise has already been said, so I just hope you enjoy the playthrough. Cheers!

Had an AWESOME time playing this short game. Took quite a turn there near the end, but that just REVVED everything up a ton! Loved the music, spoopy atmosphere, and of course, Wahoo! Answers! Looking forward to future projects for you! Keep up the cool work!

Short but entertaining! Very well done, this game made me scream. And by scream I mean, scream in horror and frustration as I never actually got the chance to finally organize my books.

I've said this before and I'll say it again: I'm Still Here is a delightful romp through an experience many go through: moving into an apartment.
The only difference is most apartments don't go poltergeist when trying to organize your personal library...
Keep up the great work, can't wait to see more from the Cozy Game Pals! ♡

Wonderful game i enjoyed it check out my video

Excellent concept and loads of fun. Great job. 

This was kinda hilarious and such a good concept. The controls were actually really nice and I liked the idea of the computer, and how the searching works. Super dumb-cute, in a good way. <3

Really enjoyed the game! I hope you decide to make a longer version!

This was such a cute little game! I love the plot twist at the end haha. I made a gameplay video on it. Here's the vid if you wanna check it out! Thanks :)

Well worth the 53 MB it took to download and the 5 minuets of my life! One of The best and funniest game I've played in years!

Great game! :)

Haha 😝

Thanks for playing!

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Just come out of the closet, you'll like it.


Wah, I didn't expect that sort of ending, nicely done! Great job, you two. 

Very entetaining, I'm defenetly going to check all your games now :)

As I said I've played all the Cozy Game Pals Games!!

I'm Still Here is a story of new beginnings, a chance to start over... oh yeah and a haunting.

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☆ I love the ending omg!!! Hahahah its an very short game but it has lots in it!! I really enjoyed playing this!! and I love the style it is too!!! I definitely gotta check rest of you guys' games!!!! ♡

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Way to short and anticlimactic.

i cri evritiem ;-;

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Very short but very enjoyable! I really enjoyed the syle of storytelling that's used in the game!

Although I do have to report a bug I encountered: the seconds time you're required to use the laptop, when I exited it the UI stayed on screen and the screen was shaking as I tried to walk away from the computer. But once I entered it again and exited it again everything was back to normal.

same thing happened to me after i left the laptop and touched the light switch.

very good game, however very short. Charming story and overall great game. 10/10 would reccomend for a quick game

I had an amazing time playing your game, and I'm glad I recorded it while I was at it! This gave me one hell of a laugh and was just beautiful! The description of the game sold it for me, so I absolutely had to give it a try.

I had a chance to record and upload a playthrough of this game, and I had a lot of fun doing it! I went in expecting scary, and found myself entertained and laughing. Thank you very much for making it! I hope you enjoy the video! :)

Could be more elborated but nice ending ;)

Great little short story! Had a fun time

I thought the ending was kind of.... meh... and I would have liked it to be longer, with more interactions... but I guess it wasn't so bad. What was there, I did enjoy. I had fun with the books, and I found that you can throw the books into the bedroom and watch them slide up and down the wall, which was amusing.

I think that this was a cute little story ^^ would play again 8/10

i had a problem with the sensitivity, also it seems a little to short, maybe add like a secret ending or something, but still pretty good tho.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this game, though some may fault it for being too short, i love how much story, humor and emotion was packed into a short package and i applaud you for that! The joke at the end made me laugh more then id like to admit as well! :) Great job

Great but too short :)

This is great. Very funny. :)

Awesome twist at the end! Fun, short game :)

Very cool little game, Looking forward to more :-)


Greek Version of the game!


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