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Greek Version of the game!


Very enjoyable, did not expect that ending at all!

My videos are so cringy lmfao

Don't worry mine are too

So many feels.

Cute little game. I will miss my friend

I will always remember <3

Had a lot of fun with your game guys, great work!

Neat little game. I like it.

Chinese Gameplay

gotta love any game with yahoo answers as a mechanic

Haha, are there any others?

This game was simply charming, with some great music and I have no idea why I felt genuinely sad with the ending! Great job to the developers :)

the best thing about it is it won't take much of your time ^_^

Deleted 2 years ago

Please give a link to Google Play Store

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Link added.

I'm 14 and this is deep

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New Speedrunning World Record!

I wasn't looking for something like this, but I definitely enjoyed what I did see. Thank you so much, I am definitely going to play more of your games.

Thanks for making this game! Don't wanna spoil the ending but I enjoyed it ;)

This was amazing! Completely unexpected and fantastic twist! I adored the internet searches as well!

Really enjoyed the concept behind this game.

I'm not sure if it was intended but the game really reflects society today by giving the player a problem and the only way the player can respond is by searching the internet.

I enjoyed the art style, the minimalist design was very satisfying. I truly believe if this game was too expand its story or gameplay mechanics you could have yourself a real seller.

Thank you for the enjoyable game i patiently wait for your next release and updates on I'm still here also.

I'm Still Here is a wacky game that will definitely catch you by surprise!

The premise of the game is goofy and as the story progresses, it gets even wackier which strangely makes sense in the universe that the game builds. The controls all handle well, the interactions are all very smooth and even the music makes the experience both fun and spooky.

The only other things that I would add to the game are that the graphics should be cleaned up just a tiny bit as it looks a little fuzzy and I wish it was longer! Maybe by adding a few more situations where the narrator is questioning whether or not there really are ghosts around would lengthen the game just enough.

Overall though, I'm Still Here is a hilarious indie game that is both unique and well executed and is something I enjoyed playing!

I made a Let's Play of I'm Still Here so let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy!

Haha, you look like you had so much fun.
It was a real joy to watch you play. Thank you!

Nice game :D we played it and we love it :D

Here's my playthrough of the game. Hope everyone enjoys! Definitely one of the scariest game I've ever played. RIP Ghost

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Playfully discards modern horror tropes. While it isn't actually a horror game, it does advertise as one. Which of course is the first step to this games success. Even though it may not be the best indie game out there, it's an experience nonetheless that will leave you saying "That got weird". If I could levy one critique on this game it would be the short run time, plenty more humor could have been squeezed from this situation. And they could have expanded on the internet side of things more.

All in all keep it up.


.( ^_^)


Also here is a cute little bunny to brighten up your day!


welcome to game. We make game. Thank you for playing game. 😜

Made my own story with this game. This game was funny and light hearted and honestly enjoyed every second. Here's my story using this game for my new apartment. (Great job guys. Inspired me to come up with my own story using your game)



Loved the satirical take on the indie horror genre! Very much enjoyed this one!

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