In Jump Doper try to jump rope as many times as you can. Be careful, because the rope will cut you to pieces!

Jump Doper is the fourth game in a game-a-month series by Crista and Bryan.


Full Credits:
Crista Castro - Art
Bryan Singh - Code

Music - "Bit Quest", "Rhinoceros" by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Download (17 MB)
Download (20 MB)
Download (21 MB)
Download (18 MB)

Also available on


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interesting game

This game is awesome, I really like it. The gameplay is super simple, press to jump, but I think that the slicing adds a lot to this game, seeing cacti get sliced as well as bottles and cars is somewhat really satisfying. I think the artsyle fits well with the simple gameplay as for the chosen soundtracks they add a lot to the game, especially the one you hear after the 80th jump. Really gives it a "Rocky" feeling ahah. I definitely recommend this game.

I managed to get to 105 jumps, I really had a nice time.

Cool game. Too bad about my new car

awesome game. Do you allow for embedding? I'd love to embed it on my site ozogames dot com Thank you

Really enjoyed this game, Here take a look

Interesting idea! I like it

This was a really fun game. Thanks so much! I made a Let's Play video for it too!

Watch here!

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HEy i'm BRAZORD and here is my video with 3 amazing games, JUMP DOPER is the FIRST ONE on the video, i really loved too much this game. Great fun factor, simplicity and responsive gameplay make this game great! Thank you very much! The video also comes with the teachings of Ero sensei, enjoy! xD

I loved the simplicity and the hardness of the game! The background music was awesome! The rope and the cutting in half is awesome!

Have you heard about the rope? Cos the rope is dope!

Have you heard about the rope? Cos the rope is dope!

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Game Is Good And Simple My Best Score Is 50 who have more than me?

ive got 61!


haha, that's awesome!


Simply brilliant.

I enjoyed this game. It's simple, but really fun for what it is and good for killing time. A good example of why you don't need high end graphics or complex stories to have fun. Sometimes, mindless button clicking with a cactus is fine.

Bottle is my champion. I managed 85 jumps with it and died right as the jams started up.

Hey there, played the game, it's so difficult D:

kinda sad that there was no new character at 50/60 points :(

Ooo I got up to 6 points. Very fun! Please feedback my music from my collections. Thanks!

Here is my video. Loved it! Very fun.

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This is cute-cool. It's fun to slice your cactus.

What sorcery is that high score? From the 30s to 500 is quite the...jump.

haha, looks like Game Genie strats to me

Yeah, that sounds like a fair guess. Bit of a hollow victory though.


Really like the game style! it would be cool if there was a multiplayer so you have to jump at the same time as you friends!


I absolutely love this. It's very addicting. I am going to upload a video of me playing for my youtube channel! Will link you when it's out...but wanted to just let you know that I love what you have created.

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Lovely super simple game. Can imagine great future extras - double rope, alternative characters, two player - but even as it is, its a fun mini game well done!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :)