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super cool concept!! Ill be sure to purchase the full version soon!


Is the full game only on Steam?


i love the style its so poppy!

it good


I can see anime in this game  

This was so fun! Sadly steam doesn't work on my Chromebook so I can't get the full version :(  But the demo was really great!

ok let me


such a nice game

i like the game, very creative

cool game

hi im free from kirby

can you put the full game out for game

this a really fun little demo! i really like the mechanics and i definitely am going to look into getting the full thing 👀

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A fun little game it reminds me a lot of pet the pup, the same cute atmosfere I really liked it, I made a video hope you enjoy :)

fun, creative idea and great demo. had great presentation: the pastel colored city, the 2D cardboard people, and the very slick UI. only a minor gripe with the lack of a music volume slider. definitely want to check out the game proper sometime. also, i second an itchio release for the full game.

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I third an itchio release for the full game

That was great! Even though the functions of it are limited, it was great to walk around in 3D to get 2D photos. Characters (cutboard cutouts) and the color pallete was great. I think this game needs more choices and more characters or things to take photos of. Like a bird, a fallen ice cream cone, something else than people. And more decisions. Hope the full game will be better.

I love this! Except for some reason I'm horrible with walking (I think that's only me though) also, I love the usernames, Itsalways420 :)


Made a video


Cool! Thanks for sharing! <3 

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I love the game

Hehe thank you!

Love the demo and the art style, just the timer gives a bit of pressure that doesn't fit into it. 


Ohh thank you for the feedback! We initially added the timer to try to make each day feel a bit more fast paced, but it's good to know it doesn't really match the rest of the game. Thanks for playing! 


Really cool game! I enjoyed the simple art style and lovely vibe in the game. I only played the demo for now but you really got me intrigued to try out the full game. This reminded me of the pokémon snap game on the nintendo 64, which is one of my favorite games from my childhood. This game has a lot of potential, keep up the good work :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)


Thanks so much for playing! Pokemon Snap was one of our inspirations for this game <3 

That's amazing! :D


Hehe <3

I just played the entire game and I absolutely loved it! I didn't mind the simplicity of it at all and enjoyed each characters' stories. What's really bugging me out tho is Yuki's story. Was it meant to be open-ended or was I supposed to do something else? Ahhh I'm so intrigued >.<

haha. thank you so much for playing!

As the writers, we have an idea of what happened to Yuki, but we wanted it to come off as open ended and mysterious. We hope you found it interesting! Their story was really fun to write

We really appreciate you playing ♥️ it means so much to us. If you are willing to help us out with a hair he favor. Steam reviews help a ton with out steam rankings. You can leave one here:

Thanks so much for playing ♥️

omg of course!!! yall deserve it <3 

and ahh my butt is itching to know what happened to Yuki but i love the mystery still asdgjkl

Great art with a lot of potential. I don't know if I am a big fan of the timer tho. I agree that some notable Tokyo locations would be really cool for this; Roppongi Hills, Shinjuku's shopping streets, Shibuya crossing or something similar. If you want a timer you could make it a day to night cycle where location and lighting helped build scores. But regardless; cute game.


Thanks a ton for trying it!

We had a lot of similar ideas for a larger version of this game. We imagined a subway system where you chose what neighborhood of Tokyo you wanted to take photos in and each neighborhood would have its own vibe. This version was a proof of concept for us, and if enough people like it we might consider adding more content!

Cute but not really funny. I wish i could see real Tokio city, as a Japan lover. Reminds me of Where's Waldo!


Aww, thanks for trying it out! 

This is cute! I'll have to play it again with my mouse.

Yay thank you! We hope you do play it again <3