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Nice minigame!!

Tw\\ This game is awesome! My high-score was 340. This games graphics, combined with simple yet exciting game-play makes this an amazing time killer for all ages. I love playing this for hours! Thank you,CozyPals. For this amazing game!

Awesome game! Have you published it to other web portals? Ping me if a partnership interests you!

I already player Jump Doper so I decide to give this game a try.
I really liked it, the control and gameplay mechanics are super simple and the artstyle is
just too cute. One thing that I noticed is that both this and Jump Doper could really use
an online leaderboard I think it could be quite fun and maybe makes people want to play more. I also think that this game as really good basics and it's a great idea that could easily get worked on to add more features. Maybe a procedural map could help give a fresh feeling each game. Anyway I had a lot of fun with this, I'll definitely play again.
Keep making games CozyPals you're awesome at it ! :D


hey, thats a nice game. i like the graphic and the music. thanks for free playing

<3 Glad you like it!
We'll keep making free games for a while! Hopefully we keep getting better