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I live in a small place so I cant jump rope and with the pandamic I barely go out only for food or church or doing our family gathering every week so I miss it and dat is why moi is playing dis


the spinning camera kind of gives me a headache but still fun! it would make a fun little mobile game

I like uwu


I Have an android phone and i'd love it to be released on android!

Hey, what's the main menu song? Think I've heard it in another game before, and I really like it.

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The menu song is called Bit Quest by Kevin MacLeod!

Oof, this was fun to play. Would be nice if it was on Android, would play on my spare time. x'D

Thanks for playing! We also think it would make a great mobile game. Hopefully we can port it in the future!

OK, this game blowed my mind. Very simple and pretty. It's more an android game for mobile phone than a game to play in PC, but it's kinda cool indeed. Nice job

Thanks so much for playing! We're glad you enjoyed it <3 Hopefully we can work on releasing it on mobile in the future.