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i spent an hour on this game

and i dont regret it at all

I have had some awesome hours with these simple and easy game - bought it after all. Thanks.

is good doggo

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I found your game and got addicted, played it a bunch more after making this video. Your game starts at 6:20

This game has amazing design, you guys should be proud

The game is pretty fun and cute, but it can get a little bit dull with how much the amount of treats you need to level up grows, i wish there was a little bonus or something if you get all of the treats during one fall.

it would also be cool if in the premium version you could also choose the colour of your doggo (unless something like that is already in, i dont actually have the premium version, since i cant really pay for that)


Really cool game, but im not hearing any sound?


Thank you!

Not sure what's wrong with the sounds.  Which platform are you on?

Really enjoying this cute little game! Thinking about getting premium in the coming week so I can play with a dog that looks like my dog. Hope you enjoy the video! 

So cool! Thank you for playing!

could it be for mobile

it is available on iOS and Android app stores!

iOS App Store Link
Android App Store Link

This is so cute! I could play this game for hours at a time! (I did)

OMG thank you so much! haha. We're so glad you like it   <3

Amazing, very fun and pretty. Nice UX.

Aww, thank you!
We surprised ourselves with the amount of polish haha.

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Hi, a few screenshots would be nice to see what the game is about before playing.


Turns out itch automatically hides the videos/screenshots if there's a browser version of the game.

We'll add some images or videos to the description section. Thanks!