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Tried out the demo!

Wow you had so many positive things to say, than you for playing! Glad your played this demo instead of the old one 😜 haha.

I'm absolutely buying this game as soon as it drops! I'm so excited for it! The voice acting, visuals, characters are lovely and I'm super excited by the setting and pacing. I really liked being able to semi investigate the surroundings. I'm so looking forward to the full release!


Omg thanks for playing. Your glowing reaction is way too nice 😭

dope ass game. Remember when it was just a small demo years ago <3

Thanks! Yeah we still can't believe we are releasing it soon. It's changed so much!

fr ong.
low-key love you guys

I've been waiting for this for so long!! Finally, I'm glad you guys will be able to make the full game congratulations. The story is getting more and more interesting i really want to know what is happening, I hope see more of your projects keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR


Thanks so much for playing! The full game will be playable in Portuguese as well if you prefer to play it that way!

This surprised me with the sheer quality and care that went into it. Nice job guys!

Thanks so much!

Here is my another shorts for Fear the Spotlight demo

game is coming along so nice! 

Full Demo NO Commentary

Thanks for playing!

Really good game. Love the aesthetic. 

Thank you!

Here is my shorts of Fear the Spotlight demo :)


WOW! This was an amazing demo. I love the graphics and the voice acting was excellent. Can't wait for full game release! Added to wishlist. :D

Thanks for the play through and the kind words!

I had a blast on the demo and can't wait for the full release come September 15th!!

Thanks so much for playing!!


Thanks for playing ❤️

No problem! 

Had so much fun playing this!! Seriously can't wait for the full release :) I'm amazed that it was made by only two people. BRAVO 👏

It was so fun to see your reactions! Thanks for playing, can't wait for your videos when it comes out!

I absolutely loved it! I remember playing the old demo and loved it as well, really glad this one took a different route, can't wait for the full game, great job!


Thanks so much for playing!

Really really excited for the full release! Which I hope to live stream. It felt a little like Life is Strange. It bugged me I couldn't find the "right tool" for the cabinet though. I hope you enjoy my playthrough here!

Thanks for playing!! The cabinet's secrets will be revealed in the full game!

Looking forward to the full release! Loved so many aspects of the game, the atmosphere, design, and VOICE ACTING. I also loved that the characters felt real and not just some hollow vessels to move the plot. This was wonderful for a 2 person team!

Haha, it was fun to watch you play! Thanks for the kind words, we hope you enjoy the full version too!

i can't wait to play the full game its soo goodd 

Thank you! We can't wait for you to play it too!

This is really impressive considering you guys are a two person team! I was blown away by the presentation, graphics and voice acting! I can't wait for the full release

Thank you so much! You're too kind. We just released our official trailer so it might answer some questions you had at the end of your video!

Nice! I'm pretty excited for this one

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First, I was blown away by this demo. The ambience is incredible, and I was blown away again when I found out how soon this game is to release. I don't play horror often (because I scare easily) but this one is a gem in my book.

I wish you the best of luck and hope everything goes well :]

What a great playthrough! Thanks so much for your kind words. We think you could totally handle the full game, even if you don't play much horror games! Also your voice is AMAZING

Hey there! I had an amazing time playing your game. I can't wait to play the full version when it's released :) I'm looking forward to uncovering more of the story. Love the voice acting and love the old school feel! 

Thanks so much for playing, it was fun to see your reactions! We really hope you enjoy the full version when it comes out!

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I really love this game. So nostalgic and atmospheric and... Made by two guys! Really?! You're awesome!

Aww thanks for playing!! ❤️

Wow the game is so well made! Added to the wishlist

Thanks so much! ❤️

OOooh man.

Being someone who played and loved the Demo included on The Haunted PS1 Disc last year, this just keeps looking better and better.

I reall appreciate going a totally different route with this one and giving us more of a taste of the actual story and the very charming characters within it - great job to the voice actresses, btw. 

While the taste of gameplay we got back when was loved, this had much more atmosphere and got me way more hooked on the spot, making me truly curious what this is truly going to be about. And the sound and light design is beautiful.

You definitely have a fan here already, and I am really looking forward to seeing the full thing.

Thank you so much for your kind words and play through! Your comment made our day, we can't wait to watch you play the full game!!

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I am so excited for the full release I didn't know there was a new demo out so I think I played the original this game is so amazing I am really excited for the full release!! Here my video playing it! (DISCLAIMER: The audio messed up in my recording for the game so I patched it in instead of re-recording since I wanted it to be my first impressions!) 


Aww thanks so much for playing! It was fun to see your reactions, we cant wait for your video of the full game!!

i remember playing this awhile back where the headlight guy was the monster chasing us through the school halls, will that still be a thing? also the demo was fun really enjoyed it. make a video on it! 

Thanks for playing! And yes, the Spotlight monster is still roaming around in the full game!

looking forward to the full game!

Thanks for playing!!

This is a Wonderful Game i got hooked up from the start. I want to see the full version of this.

So glad you enjoyed it!! Just a couple more weeks and it will be out!

Oh I remember this! I still have the first demo of the game. This is really good. Its a step up from the original demo.


Thanks so much! We are really proud of how much better it is, cant wait for people to see the full game in a few weeks!


Gave it a Let's Play, I liked the cinematic feel you nailed on the camera angles and the attention to detail placed around, being it has relatively low-poly stuff, I notice many try to skimp on the clutter and level of liveliness 'because low poly', so I'm always glad to see when devs put the time to make their areas/worlds feel more 'livable, more alive'. Also, Amy is a quickly-likable character, helps due to the good voice work.


Thanks so much for playing! We liked how you got into it. And to answer your question if there will be enemies in the game: yes, there are enemies!! This is primarily a stealth game so you're mostly trying to avoid them. Our first prototype demo showed off our main antagonist, but we will be releasing a trailer soon so you can get a better idea of what's in the full game.

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It's always a good sign if people can get immersed rather than disenfranchised, course :P Hope you guys do well in the rest of its development.

I remember playing the first demo, this is more of the good stuff.  There's technical problems here in the web version, but I'd rather wait for the real release before making complaints.  And I'm excited to see the real release!

Thanks for playing our new demo, we're excited to see what you think when you play the full game!

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This Demo has been out for an entire year,glad to see an official release date.

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Thank you! We're so excited to be releasing so soon!

If you haven't checked it out, the demo on this page is brand new! There's a huge quality jump from the old demo we posted last year, it's basically a whole new game. Between the two demos, you can get a pretty good idea of what the full game has in store for you.


That was pretty cool. There was a lack of spotlights so i'm gonna have to give it a 1/10 xD


Hahah we promise there's many Spotlights in the full game! We showed him off a bit in our first prototype if you wanna check that one out! Thanks for playing


Oh i actually think i played that long ago.  Completely forgot, it looks much better now. 


This gameplay is from the early prototype. I'll be checking this newer version soon :)

Thanks for playing!!

Great demo, i love it 

Thanks so much for playing!!

Thank you for your demo game, it was fun to play this great and detailed game with rough cute arts! Those voices are also cool and I love itXD

So glad you liked it! Thank you for taking the time to play!

Great demo!!! I like the game mechanics; having the option to use or examine the object in the inventory fits the game well and looks organized. Also, the art style is fantastic!!!

Thank you so much for playing and the kind words!!


Wow! Nailed the atmosphere of a school at night! Also, you filled in a perfect amount of foreshadowing and built the story using several different kinds of clues and not just character dialogue. That's A+ storytelling. Fantastic visual effects too, especially that intense moment near the end. Combine all that with voice acting and writing that rivals Oxenfree in quality, and you've got a winner. I can't wait for the full game!


Holy moly that's high praise, haha. You are way too sweet. 

To be mentioned in the same sentence in Oxenfree is unbelievable. Thank you so much 💜

Absolutely love this demo! can't wait for the full game to be released!!   

OMG thank you!

Very cool!

Thank you for giving our demo a try!

Best of luck with the game both of you! 

I've been a long time huge fan of this project and I can't be more happy about the launch in September. Hope everything goes well and truly looking forward to the game. Cheers to you! 

😭Omg this is the sweetest message. Thanks so much for the encouragement. Our nervousness is really growing as we get closer to launch, so this means a lot!

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