This is a demo for Fear the Spotlight. A third person survival horror game that focuses on story, puzzles and stealth. This demo highlights story, while the full game includes more puzzles and sneaking past monsters. If you like what you see, the full game is available now!!

Third Person Horror Gameplay in the style of classic PS1 games
Sneak past monsters, because you cannot fight back
Solve Physical Puzzles in our unique point-and-click mode
Explore an abandoned school to find your missing friend 

 You and your friend Amy sneak into school after hours to perform a séance. Things go horribly wrong and Amy goes missing in a part of the school that was abandoned long ago after a mysterious and tragic fire. It's up to you to explore the decrepit halls,  unravel the mysterious past, and save your friend Amy.

We are  just two people and this is our love letter to the things we love about horror games. We really hope you enjoy it. Please try the full game if you enjoy the free demo! Wishlisting, sharing, and other support makes a huge impact for a small team like ours.  

❤️ Bryan & Crista

Updated 16 hours ago
Published 23 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(39 total ratings)
AuthorCozy Game Pals
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
TagsHorror, PSX (PlayStation), Story Rich, Survival Horror
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any)


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I tried the demo, and it feels like I played the whole game L.O.L

The only thing that wasn't too good was that it was a bit glitchy toward the end. Otherwise, I'd probably buy it.

Hope that means you enjoyed the demo haha. It would be funny if the game ended as soon as Amy goes missing and things started going bad.

If you care, the demo (and full game) runs a lot smoother when you download it instead of playing it in browser. It's a miracle it runs out of the browser at all.

Just finished a series for this game, and I gotta say. This was a wonderful experience! I loved speculating on the story as we are slowly drawn towards the truth, the various puzzles that stumped me ( though that did add some enjoyment after overcoming them), and the atmosphere and map design, you two poured your hearts into this and it shows. I loved every second.

Thank you so much for playing! Were so glad you enjoyed it 💜


I really enjoyed this one and can't recommend it enough. Great job!

Thank you so much for taking the time to play it! We totally agree with the suggestions you made. When we were developing the game we had similar thoughts about varying up how the Chrissy story is told, especially towards the end, and had more Spotlight encounters. We would have def made that a reality if we had a bigger budget!

but I really liked the demo before playing the full game


I played the demo, and now I bought the game, and let me say it: I am LOVING IT SO MUCH! The story has capture me completely and I can't wait to find out the secrets. I'm currently at the theater section of it, and every time I like it more. Great game so far!


OMG thank you so much for playing. Hope you enjoy the ending! 💜

Played both demo things you've released so far and loved both, thankyou so much for sharing them and wish you all the best with the full game :)) 

Thank you so much for playing our demos! Your closing thoughts on the end are so sweet, we're so glad you had fun!

If you play the full game, we really hope you enjoy it!

I am not just saying this, this game is one of the best games I have played on itch. The way you made interactivity with the animations so satisfying and unique, and the sounds are so good! I even liked the final boss...I have a rule that i HATE final bosses in games without combat, but you all nailed it! Good luck with everything and thank you for the experience

Full Play NO Commentary


OMG that is such glowing praise. thank you so much for the kind words and thank you for playing. 💜

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The demo really impressed me and the full game absolutely lived up to the expectations I had. While the story, environments, and characters were great - I think I was the most impressed with all the small touches - all the little scares from the ghost-like entities around the school for instance. They really drew me in! Thank you for making this game! 

I look forward to future games made by the two of you, I cannot wait to see what's next and see you grow!

OMG thank you so much, this is such a sweet message. This game really got us excited to see what we can come up with next.

Here is another shorts from my live stream of FTS!!

Thank you for sharing 💜

This was the most fun I've had playing an indie horror game in a long long time. Seriously.. the story is crazy. The gameplay is insane. This was the first game where I was actively seeking out notes and minor things to learn more about the story. 10/10.. Great work Bryan & Crista ♥️

Thank you so much for the video and kind words. It really means so much! ♥️

Of course. Thanks for a great game! 

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AMAZING! Great story, characters, world-building, visuals, gameplay sequences, music, voice acting, dialogue, and more. You guys should be proud of what you have done here! I am so excited to see what your crew does next!

(For anyone still reading this, BUY THE GAME. IT'S SO GOOD.)

Thank you so much for your kind words! They mean so much 😭

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A really fun retro horror game to play. These two game developers really put a lot of love into this game. It's not long but it really makes up for length into the art, audio and story. I really liked how you know the enemy will definitely hurt you if you aren't careful. Stealth is the name of the game, dip, duck and dodge is the name of the game. Enemy will shoot red light kamehameha at you so better hide.


Thanks for sharing and playing!!

i was waiting for it and now i have to pay to play it what a shame i dont have money to pay

Sorry about having no money, our demo will stay free as well as our first demo that is on the 2022 Haunted PS1!

yeah i played the demo anyway thanks for the emotional support haha

such an awesome game! 

It's also impressive that we can play the demo on the browser!

Thank you for playing!! 

Great game! I remember having a lot of fun playing through the original demo for your game, I was so happy to see the full game release! You did a really great job.

Having Mr Spotlight leave a trail of fire was a nice touch, caught me off guard the first time I saw it.

Thanks so much for playing! Glad you enjoyed the additions to the Spotlight!

such a good game! 

Omg thank you for playing! 💜

This game is AMAZING!!! It definitely gives me Silent Hill vibes. Very creepy, interesting storyline, the puzzles are cool, etc. Great job on this!!! 

Thank you for playing! Silent Hill is definitely one of our biggest inspirations, so that's a huge complement 💜🙏

Yeeea. Silent hill is creepy, nerve wracking and the storyline keeps u guessin, and this game has all of that. So great job on that for real!!! 


Thank you for playing 💜

The full game is amuuzing and soo spooky! Well done!

Omg thank you for playing! 💜🙏

there's a bug with the settings it wont show any text

Oh no, this is a new one to us. Are you playing demo or full game ? Web browser, Windows, Mac, or Linux?

i'm using web browser and i'm playing the demo

Thank you for the info. We will investigate


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Thank you for playing! 💜🙏

Full game is available if you're interested.

here is my shorts from my live stream! Of one of the stealth sections


posted the gameplay 

on my other account


I buyed this game on Steam. I have a question: why highest mouse sensitivity is sooo slow? It's very difficult to play with it.

And Russian autotranslation is very bad, sorry) You used wrong translator. My advice: 'Yandex translate' is the best choice in this case.

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Hmm, we're not sure what's going on with the mouse sensitivity! We'll investigate to try figuring it out. What platform are you on, Windows?

And thank you so much for telling us about the translation! We had a feeling the price was too good to be true. Now we know for sure and we can look into more professional services.

Thank you for helping us!

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Maybe this is only mine problem, but mouse sensitivity is too slow with maximal settings. 10 cm of mouse moving ~= 35 degrees. Thank you!

Anyway, I can't resist playing the game. I don't regret a single cent I spent on it. So much nostalgia for Silent Hill..

I have a Windows 10 Pro, yea.

Thank you so much 💜😭 We will try our best to improve the game based on your feedback!

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Blinder!, That was awesome, just played through the entire Full release, and it was well worth the wait. Its nice to have a game that sucks you into the zone with its ease of play, atmosphere and pace, and keeps you playing, losing the whole day. This is rare for me these days (not since Black Mesa). Nice work, thoroughly enjoyed it. 5 stars, have been looking forward to it since the first demo, and was not disappointed!

Omg thank you so much! We're really glad you enjoyed it! 💜

litterly the  best game I’ve ever played so good love it! 

Omg you are way too nice haha. We're so glad you like it!


I've been trying to upload the video for 4 days and it's finally done! Like I said in the video, this is one of the best games I've ever played. Graphics, sound, voice acting is on point! This demo is such a slay! Great work <3

OMG thank you for playing, you are too nice 💜

absolutely can't wait for the full game, i had to give props multiple times throughout the video. awesome game fr!

Thank you so much for playing and sharing your video!

Mi experiencia en español!! Me dejó con muchas ganas sinceramente. Entiendo que el juego ya va a salir, y no lo se, pero sería excelente que incluyera el idioma español en subtítulos. La verdad, me encantó! Gran trabajo!!!

Thank you for playing! The full game includes Spanish subtitles!

Oh excelente entonces!!! Lo voy a adquirir. Saludos desde Argentina!!

finished the demo, it was really good! I dont usually like to play horror games mainly because im a scardy cat lol. but that was really good! I would defiantly play the actual game and recommend it to others!

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Thank you so much! Sharing really helps us out a ton. 💜

I told my best friend, she loves horror games <3

:) excelente, muy bueno

Thank you! 💜

I got the key for the display case but it won't let me unlock the display case, can someone help?

The keycard will open the office where you get the key. Use the key on the lock of the display case, then you can drag the display case handle to slide the door open.

Good luck and thanks for playing!

i love the game so far 

Thank you for playing! 💜

ofc expect more of it on the channel

Aaa I can't wait for the full game to release. I really loved the demo and I'm sure I'll love the official game even more!

Ahh, thank you so much! 💜

This is a very interesting game demo.

It's an upgrade from the previous version.

I am looking forward to the continuation.

Thank you for playing! 💜

This Demo was amazing . definitely saved my night lol Hope you enjoy my cozy Playthrough . will be playing this as soon as i can

Thanks for playing, so glad you liked it! Looks like you put a ton of care into your editing, great video!

Tellement hate de voir le jeu au complet !!!

Merci et bon travail! =)


🙏Thank you for playing!
The full game will be out very soon! We are so excited!

I can't wait to play the full game!! =)

This demo is very different from the first one. Pretty interesting actually. Sptember 15 is right around the corner. Will keep an eye for sure.

Yeah! We wanted to show off some of the newer stuff that wasn't in the original demo. Thanks for playing!

amazing demo

Thanks for playing!


Thank you 😭

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