• 3rd Person Gameplay
 in the style of classic PS1 survival horror games
• Explore an abandoned school to uncover secrets and find your missing friend
• Stealth gameplay to sneak past the monster, because you cannot fight back
• Solve Puzzles to make your way forward

Your friend Amy has mysteriously vanished at Sunnyside High. 25 years ago there was an accident that left part of the school burned and abandoned. Follow Amy to the abandoned area, but beware, something seems to be lurking there with you. Unravel the mystery of the accident and find Amy by exploring through the decrepit halls, cluttered classrooms, and more.

Please enjoy the free early demo. This game is being developed by just two people (that's us, hi) and will be available later this year. Please keep in mind that nothing in the demo is final and has a chance of being different in the full game.

Stay posted for more details and updates along the way!

Thank you ❤️
Bryan & Crista
Cozy Game Pals

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(194 total ratings)
AuthorCozy Game Pals
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Female Protagonist, Horror, PSX (PlayStation), Retro, Singleplayer, Stealth, Story Rich, Survival Horror
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


FearTheSpotlight_Demo_Win.zip 82 MB
FearTheSpotlight_Demo_MacOS.zip 94 MB
FearTheSpotlight_Demo_Linux.zip 103 MB

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Holy shit the lag, this game is NOT Chromebook friendly. Plus the flashlight at the beginning XD.


I made a video on your game - 18:11

Hello! I played this recently in a 4 Spooky Games video and your game was the 2nd one! I must say, I am looking forward to the full release!

Simplemente magnífico

what a cool game

can't wait for the release

I liked the silent hill 1 ambience


Samies. I did, too. 

Hi, could you make a low-power mode setting so that I can run the browser demo on my Chromebook? 

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Fear the spotlight

Played this demo on stream a few months ago and really enjoyed it. Fun stealth horror gameplay, engaging puzzles, and a unique creature to sneak around and run from. Definitely had fun with this, interested to see how the full game turns out :)

The appearance of the flashlight-headed monster really scared me! Perfect execution!

I cannot wait for the full release, you managed to hit me right in the resident evil nostalgia bones!

I played your demo through the spectral mall disc, thus the thumbnail!

Nice VHS filter

Como un siren Head pero en una escuela 

This game is nice, but i think there should be a setting to turn off the tv effects thing.

REALLY fun ps1 styled horror game, Im sad its just a demo cause I want to play the whole game already

really well made, looks promising, keep up the great work

the best ps1 game

Great graphics of memories

I love this! cant wait for the full game :)

amazing game so far keep it up


Aaaah, Haunted PS1 Demo Disc time - my favorite time of year! Well, one of them.

I actually had my eye on Fear the Spotlight before largely thanks to the great title, but never got around to playing the demo until the Demo disc dropped - and man am I glad I finally did.

Fear the Spotlight wears its PS1 Survival Horror vibes on its sleeves, and this demo gets you started IMMEDIATELY. You barely take three steps before you are face to face with a terrifying villain! While I am sure the fullg game will have more of an info, I really hope it gets to this level of intensity fast too - it was jarring and effective!

Honestly, I just really loved this, it was everything I wanted. My one gripe was that, when you approach a door, it freezes, tells you what the room i scalled... and then forces you to go in. With the rooms not being instantly recognizable as things are right now, it would be nice if you were asked wether or not you wanted to go in, to avoid accidental "repeatedly ending up in a room you aren't trying to go to" scenarios. But that just may be me being bad at mapping things out in my head.

The demo was a wee bit short - I wanna see more Spotlight head, Dangit! - but it did leave a perfect little appetizer in my mouth. I'm totally on board for this one, so best of luck folks!


Super cool, excited to see the full version whenever it is finished

it's creppy scary and nice 

no tank controls for a PSOne style game feels kinda weird to be honest. :)

This was a fantastic experience! 

I loved the style of the game and how true yall stuck to the PlayStation 1 style, the gameplay was great and the atmosphere was so well done! I loved the monster and I can not wait till the full game launches! Yall have made one heck of an experience!

Hey! I played this in the Spectral Mall Demo Disc and included it in my roundup video. Starts around 1:48 (if you only want to see this game). Best of luck with the development!

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I'm the star of his show, and I want out...

This game was an absolute delight to play through; I was on the edge of my seat from start to finish. I cannot wait to see where the game goes from here!

Can't wait for the full game to come out! Love this kind of style ~


couldnt finish it cause im a pssy but good game tho


😆maybe one day you will be brave

I am glad I found this game because it brings me back to the old days when you came from school and just hopped on your PS1 to play video game. Especially, horror games like this.

Thank you for playing! We are so inspired by classic PS1 horror games, we're really glad that came through to you.

I always love retro games that have quality in them. It is a masterpiece for me.

Completed it like a pro. In fact I am thinking about playing it again to see what happens when that searchlight finds me.

whoa thanks for playing! So glad you liked it.


imma need my OWN inhaler after this

haha 💜
thanks for playing!


I love the retro style of the game may I know how much the price would be when the full version is released?

Thank you so much!
We're not 100% sure about price yet. We think it can be anywhere from $5.99 to $10.99,  It really depends on how the full game turns out (we're still working hard on it). We'll try to price it fairly when we can see what the final game looks like.

really laggy, but other than that really good.

haha, thank you! We have some ideas on how we can improve the performance for the full game. hopefully that will run better on your computer!


I don't have access to a normal computer right now so I played it on my Chromebook.

do not play this game on your chromebook

Haha, sorry. This demo runs really terribly on lower end computers. I wonder if we can get the launch-day demo optimized enough to run on a chromebook. (that's a long ways away, so I'll just fantasize about it for now)

i tried playing on a chromebook in school too. Lagged the whole laptop, couldnt even close the tabs, shouldnt have done that


"CouLd yOu pLeaSe sTop ScaRinG mE" -🤓👧


Man! man! man! This game was great! Creepy vibes from the beginning.

Thank you! We're glad you liked it 💜

I am so excited for when this game comes out fully! This demo was so much fun! I love PS1 style horror games, but I may be biased since I grew up with that XD.

Ahh thank you! We grew up with the same games, haha! Sounds like our inspirations are showing through.


This game was so fun! I made a little video on it in case anyone want's to see how this extremely amazing demo plays out! 

Thanks so much for playing!

this game was awesome, cant wait for the full game to be released. i thought maybe a sprint button would be a nice addition.

Awesome, thanks for playing! We're planning on adding sprint to the full game. We had to expand the enemy AI a bunch so they can hear your loud footsteps when you do sprint. We're happy with the results so far.

Hopefully you'll appreciate it when the full game comes out!

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