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Hey, is it gone from Google Play?

OMG we ended married !!!! i love this happy end *cry*

why am I crying 


I never knew my heart could cry like that...


why did this break my heart....


What in tarnation is this game

and why do I love it so much


a+ game, would absolutely play again 


i love you... cunt

Excellent short game! I like the trade offs in the different endings, something I've not too often experienced in games, where it is often possible to just get the best outcome for everything.

wow, thank you! <3

We're so happy you actually enjoyed this one! This was our first time trying to write! It was surprisingly difficult to do haha

Well, you should congratulate yourselves, you did great!
(Sorry for the late reply, I don't often check in on haha)


I can't do this with a straight face, I am a Hetalia fan XD


Same here, this is like a fanfic come to live through game with real look of the nations (it's trully priceless!)  xD

<3 hehehe